Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sketchbook Assignment #1

For our first sketchbook assignment we were told to pick 5 objects that have importance to us, and memorialize them through drawings, and words in a 2 page spread in our sketchbook. We were told to use a black pen and 1 colored pencil. The 5 objects that I chose to memorialize are as follows: A palm that my friend Andrew gave me before he moved away to California, a faith bracelet I made on a mission trip, the scarf that my best friend gave me for Christmas, and the teddy bear "Big One" that I have had since I was 5 years old that my parents gave me. finally an eagle balancing toy that reminds me that life is a delicate balance that is made worthwhile when you can work hard and have fun too.

Sketchbook Assignment #2

For this assignment we were told to embody our first week back from winter break in a 2 page layout in our sketchbooks using the page layout from a magazine. This includes the size and placement of pictures, and size and style of text as well. The layout I chose for mine was based on an ad for Jimmy Choo shoes. This I found in the 2010 February issue of InStyle Magazine.