Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Rules of IARC

While writing this reflection upon the past week I would like to in keep with a theme. Seeming as the Beaux Arts Ball is swiftly approaching, and the theme is the rules of IARC, I will not be writing the traditional boring paragraphed reflection. Instead I will be witting a set of rules for myself, and a set of general rules to remember for critiques. Some are serious some are not, but that’s part of who I am. I find it necessary to find the humor in all serious and potentially embarrassing situations because otherwise you will just be embarrassed, rather than be able to look back and laugh and learn from your mistakes.

General Rules of Final Critiques:

1. 1. Don’t pin up drawings with mistakes on them- they will find them

2. 2. Representation of light does not equal a cone coming from your fixture.

3. 3. Just don’t say JUST!!! You never just do anything. Everything that goes on in design is done with purpose and a reason.

4. 4. Using a key on your board is ok but be sure it is easy to read, and if your board is big enough.. Just (gasp!) write the labels and put them under the images. You’ll save yourself the trouble of writing the numbers too.

5. 5. Remember that we are designing for a client. It is important that we can step away from our own likes and dislikes in order to become more aware of the client and human safety.

6. 6. Don’t paint your walls lime green- they find them offensive.

7. 7.Get comfortable with making architectural notes

8. 8. It is electric lighting not artificial lighting… the light coming from the bulb is still a natural occurrence.

9. 9. Don’t say negative words while speaking about your client (they don’t need this, or they don’t need that)

Rules For Me to Add to the List;

1. Make sure you show textures whether they are in your hand drawings or in your Sketch Up views be sure that you show them.

2. They question everything so be able to defend everything.

3. Do not plant grass in the hallway.