Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MHRA Diagrams

For part of the group project we are working on, each member had to create 1 of 5 diagrams of our assigned building (the MHRA). The five types are as follows: circulation, site diagram, public/private,zones/personal space, and occupational diagrams. I chose to do the site diagram for our building. Originally I tried to create the diagram by simply walking around the area, but soon found that this would be nearly impossible without some assistance. Thank you Bing maps for having an aerial view! :)

Thumbnail Perspectives

For this particular assignment, in groups, we were to choose our 5 best thumbnails and create larger perspectives from them. When drawing each of these perspectives we were to try and imitate the style of another artist's work we found appealing. The challenge behind this was to choose artists that had a style different from our own. Using , I chose works done by Paul Heaston, Yong Hwan Lee, Lok Jansen, Lapin, and Luis Ruiz. Their works that used as inspiration are as follows: "San Antonio and Seguin, Texas" ( the sketch of Violorra apartments), " Old Age Movie Theaters in Seoul", "Train Sketches", "Le Select", and "Saved From Demolition".