Friday, April 30, 2010

Clue No.5: Pick a car Any Car/ Clue No.6: Redesign the Car

This is my original line drawing of the 1973 Firebird. As I mentioned in my previous post this is where I got the idea to angle all of the curves on the body and to get rid of the separation bar on the grill of the car. At the last minute i also replaced the screaming chicken with flames as you saw before.

Loading Dock Project: A Unity Of Opposite Ideas

My Final Presentation! My final presentation includes a final 3D model of my space, the three final hand rendered perspectives along with three final sketch up views, the final set if section elevations, final plan drawings for both floors, and samples of the materials I used, images of both my designer/ artists and the images of their work that inspired me ( as seen in my previous post). I chose to name m project Unity of Opposite Ideas because that is exactly what it is. A mix of seemingly opposite forces, bold and soft, energetic and calm, angular and curvilinear, light and dark, private and public, etc. For the board itself I chose to make use of the bold red seen in a lot of Don Hardy's work, along with the repetitive lines found throughout the space I designed for the client. this leads the viewers eyes across the boards.

Loading Dock Project: Working Towards the Final

It was during this stage where I stated redoing my three perspectives for my final presentation. Because these images were to hand rendered, I sprung at the opportunity to a more artistic approach in the way I would portray the space. this included experimenting with new mediums, and new paper types. These included the following: dry pastel and colored pencil on bond paper, water color paint, and white charcoal and colored pencil all on Canson paper. It was also during this step I did my initial sketches for my thee perspectives.

Loading Dock Project: Precedents in Design

The second step to this project was to find a designer/artist who we would design the space for, and/or use their work as an influence in our design for the space. I chose Don Ed Hardy, a Japanese trained tattoo artist, and Nina Seirafi, an interior designer. I used Don Ed Hardy's bold colors and graphic energetic lines in the studio space to spark the client's creative energy; and Nina Seirafi's curvilinear lines and soft palette in the down stairs living and dining ares as a calming place to relax after work. These can be seen in her design for Cyan Yacht, and his Painting entitled Wave Warrior. It was during this step that I also worked on the flow of space in my plan for both floors of the space. It was also through the use of precedents that I was able to finalize a color scheme.

The Loading Dock Project: First Steps

For this assignment first years were split up into two groups and we were to measure and draw plans and elevations from our measurements. We were assigned either the loading dock or the administrative offices in our building ( Gatewood Studio Arts Center). My group was assigned the loading dock. Our initial drawing were to be done in pencil. After these first steps we were told to redesign our assigned space as a place for a visiting designer, artist, etc to stay while they are here. While deigning our space we were instructed to pick an artist, designer, etc. as precedent for the design for our space. In addition to having precedence, we also were to include a ceiling change, and a level change in our designs. but the rules don't stop there... we were also not allowed to remove any doors, but we could add windows and change the position and size of the doors. As kind of a jump start to getting us thinking about the design of our space we made models, and drew perspectives of our space. Many Many perspectives of our space.. three of these which were to part of our final presentations for the class. Our final presentations were also to include three sketch up perspectives, a set of final section elevations, a final floor plan of our space, two precedent images, a picture of our designer/artist, two materials to be used in our space, a project statement, and a title.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clue No.7: More Style

For this clue we were to draw a 2 point perspective of a car of our choice, the n change it in any way we saw fit. I chose a 1973 Firebird as my car of choice. I removed the panes in the windows to create one solid piece, and removed the bar separating the front grill. I also put angles where there were curves on the body in addition to a hot paint job... no pun intended :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clue No. 2: Processing Patterns

For this assignment we are experimenting with designing from patterns. As a first step we were to derive a minimum of 25 patterns from an object of our choosing. I chose my favorite tee shirt. It was from these that we were to choose three favorites. after choosing my favorite moments I began simplifying, exaggerating, rotating, and combining parts from my favorite moments in order to create shapes and patterns that I would use in the next clue.