Thursday, February 25, 2010

MHRA Thumbnails

For this assignment we were divided into groups with each group being assigned to explore a different building on campus. My group was assigned the MHRA. The purpose of the assignment was for us to convey how one would navigate the building through our thumbnail drawings. These drawings were to be done in ink.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Line Drawing Exercise

This assignment was given to us to go along with our discussion of symphony in design ( all the elements working together to create one fluid design). In this exercise the challenge was to combine the use of both our left and right brains while drawing our classmates. The left side of the equation being that we were limited to the use of 5 lines, and the right being the creation of a drawing, and finding a way around the line limit. The person I drew was Blakeni. My 5 lines can be found in her 2 eyes, her nose and eyebrows, her face and hair, and her lips.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Window Project

For this project we were to create two distinct moments of light within one of the windows on the east wall of the studio space. The material of choice.... cardboard. But the real challenge was the fact that we were not allowed to use any adhesives to keep our project in the window. Only friction. For my project I wanted to create two distinct moments of light by using a difference in textures. On the inner panels I exposed the variegation in the cardboard, and placed these curly pieces on them as well. Thus creating both whimsey, and a rhythmic pattern. Then for contrast I chose to keep the cardboard on my exterior panels in tact which allowed for a more stark level of light.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sketchbook Assignment #4

In this sketchbook assignment we were told to draw and paint 3 vignettes of people with large scale objects. These vignettes could be either fanciful or realistic. I took an approach that was more of a mix of mythology and reality by using a reference to the myth of the golden apples (i.e. what the girl is reaching for), and including the female statue in the toga. The modern part comes from my scale figures. the girl with red hair, the boy in the green swim suit, and the man in the canoe in the back ground. The other part of this assignment was to present these three vignettes in a unified way. I did this by placing all of my scenes on or in the water.

Ritual Object Project part 2: The Ritual

As I mentioned earlier part of this project was to write down a ritual in which our ritual object is involved in. Putting on perfume is a ritual for me because i have to make a conscious decision of whether or not to wear it. I usually wear it when I go out with friends, and more often than not this usually happens at night. So I chose to present my ritual in the form of a poem about a knight suiting up to go on a journey with his companions,which is an analogy for me getting ready to go out at night with my friends. It is entitled "Going Into the Night". I hope you enjoy :)

Going into the Night

I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair,

And now I must put on my face in front of the mirror.




And gloss,

Now to put on my socks.

Then follows pants,


Then shoes,

Now I must choose the potion I will use.

For I am going into the night

A space void and absent of light.

I venture with my companions

Into this dark night

Passing shadows in the fading light.

This journey that we make

Determines the vapor I will take.

First on my wrist.

Then my neck.

I smooth the fragrant mist across my chest.

Now through this potion I have my suit of arms

Protecting me from harms.

Now I my breastplate, vambraces, and helmet.

With my band of Knights am going into the night.

This dark night.

Dark dark as velvet

Photo Documentation of the Process and the Products

Ritual Object Project part 1: The Process

For our first project of the semester we were told that it would be an autonomous project, We can make what ever we wanted for our ritual object. My object so happened to be my bottle of perfume. As we soon figured out this project would become the not so autonomous project. We had to make two accessories for our ritual object with one that had to be made of wood. The other we could use a material of our choice. Our accessories had to relate to each other, and they must aid in the performance of the ritual in which the object is involved in. Which we had to write out with a 200 word minimum. Although this particular requirement did eventually become more of a suggestion. But now, without further ado, I will explain my particular creation.
For this project i chose to make nesting boxes (several boxes that fit inside each other) made of wood, and a cap and cover made from copper wire form for my perfume bottle. My first attempt at the boxes didn't go well because when I glued the sides of my box together they warped and bent outward causing my lid not to fit, but upon further examination of my lid I discovered a way to make a warp free box! The way the bottom of the lid came together it formed a 1/4" ring which moved me to try cutting a bunch of them and glue them together to form 3 boxes of varying sizes, along with a base and a lid, and it worked! :D
The way my two accessories relate to one another is through the repetition of the copper mesh used in the cap and cover for the bottle and on the lid.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sketchbook Assignment #3

For this assignment we were told to do water color vignettes of three of our classmates, and the accessories they were wearing. I chose to do Jessica's ear ring, Blakeni's rings, and Justin's watch.