Thursday, March 15, 2012

Visual Explorer: innovation

Innovation, in a general sense, is challenging the traditional way of doing things to improve for the future. As designers, the art of innovation is our profession. It is our job to look at the task/problem from an outside perspective in order to provide a unique solution that improves upon the former. Through the design of objects and space, we are better able to improve upon, and create new experiences that enrich and streamline our daily lives.

I chose this image as both an example of what happens when innovation stands still, and as a picture of how innovation has changed our lives across time.  In terms of politics, when innovation stands still, or if reform is restrained, eventually out of necessity there is a forced push forward or revolution. Although there are more peaceful alternatives, war is an example of this push toward a reformed system that is relevant to current values, and is more efficient. This image shows men armed with guns riding horses. The horse are an example of where innovation stopped early in history in terms of transportation, while the firearms show where innovation has progressed the development of weaponry.

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