Thursday, March 15, 2012

Visual Explorer: stewardship

My first thought, as it relates to stewardship, was of being a good steward of the earth. It reminded me of how the Native Americans never took more than they needed to live, and what they took they used every part. In today’s modern world, we have begun to see the damage our current way of living has done to the environment. In an effort to save the land and water we live off of, new technology has been developed to lessen the negative impact on the earth. The wind turbines featured in the above image are an example of such technology.

From a social perspective, stewardship can be defined as helping those in need, are less fortunate, or who are simply different from ourselves. Stewardship can also be taking care of something that belongs to someone else. The bible speaks of all of us being given different talents, and that it is our job to take said talents, develop them, and use them for the betterment of society. Thus, using our individual strengths for the good of the team. 

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